Our Dickhead Prime Minister has out done himself once again

For those that are not aware, Tony Abbott, the Australian PM is a total dickhead. He is the down-under equivalent to America’s George W…. Here is just one recent reason why..What he said

The ‘Shirtfront’ Incident

I am Australian, and i didn’t know what a ‘Shirtfront’ was. So, i will explain was it is first. We have a game in Australia called AFL, a football like game where men wear short shorts and play grab ass for a few hours with eachother…. Jokes aside, a ‘shirtfront’ is a term given to a move where one player drops his shoulder into the chest of an opponent. In a caveman like attempt to exert his dominance over the other.

Our PM, decided it was a grand idea to threaten Vladimir Putin, yes, you heard that right, Vladimir Putin. He said he was planning to ‘shirtfront’ old mate Vlad when he arrived in Australia for the pending G20 summit. Great idea Tony, threaten the post cold war super power that already covertly hates the west with physical violence.

Internet Hype

My god, the amount of meme’s, youtube clips etc that came after the incident were laughable. There is that much material on My Abbott’s cock-ups that Google intend to create a new datacentre just to store it all.

Below is a link to a clip made by Juice Media. A comedy group in Australia that create a series named Rap News. For those who have not seen or heard of them, check it out. They cover a multitude of social / political issues and have been doing so for years.


Free Education, bye bye

The clip also features possibly the only sane Politician in Canberra. With a hilarious cameo.

Russian / Australian tension

Well, last night i watched something that made the hair on my neck raise. It would seem Vlad has not taken too kindly to the threat made by Abbott.WTF!?

Right now, there is an armada of Russian warships heading to the Australian east coast. That’s right, warships, from Russia….. Great.

7News has been told four Russian warships are bearing down on Australian waters, led by the guided missile Cruiser, Varyag, the flag ship of Russia’s Pacific fleet.

Also heading south is the destroyer, Marshal Shaposhnikov – it’s not short of firepower either.

They are being supported by the salvage tug Fotiy Krylov and supply tanker Boris Butoma.The task group is in the Coral Sea South of Bougainville and appear on course for waters off Australia’s east coast.

All four could be sitting off Brisbane by Saturday, a prospect that has so stirred the government,Defence has sent a P3 Orion Surveillance Aircraft to shadow the ships and an Anzac class frigate, HMAS Stuart to the Coral Sea.



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