Letter i wrote to my local MP regarding proposed data retension laws – No response after a month, no surprise

Free to distribute the below letter, send one to your local MP if you like. Just dont expect a response it would seem….

Dear [Insert MP],

I value my digital privacy. When I use the Internet, I want secure and private communication and I do NOT want to be surveilled and spied on when I am not suspected of a crime.

I would like some information on who will be paying the overhead incurred by ISP’s as a result of the laws.
I refer to the following link: http://blog.iinet.net.au/…/Mandatory-Data-Retention… , quoted at $130 per user. If a smaller business would need to pay these costs, I find it hard for them to compete with the larger businesses in the industry, and if the cost is past on to the consumer, I feel that it is also unfair. If the government intends to supplement the payments via tax, this again is unfair, as tax money should be going toward public services we actually require.

I also refer to the following links:
and https://twitter.com/bengrubb/status/504169261879681024
If Mr. Grubb looses the case against Telstra on the premise that the meta-data is not considered “personal” then does this not set a precedence for Brandis to release his own meta-data, as it is not then considered of a personal nature, and by right can be released under the freedom of information act?

It has also been found that Metadata may reveal quite a lot more of a persons private and personal lives than thought before:http://www.stanforddaily.com/…/researchers-find…/

Courts around the world are finding data retention mandates unconstitutional because they violate individual privacy rights.

Let’s do the right thing in Australia and stop these proposals before they become the law.

I ask that you take a stand against Data Retention as it is not in the best interest of the public.



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