Five GOOD things about Joe Hockey

It appears a few people enjoyed yesterdays list of things i like about Tony Abbott. In light of that, and the challenge it was to write, here is another edition for Treasurer Joe Hockey.

Once again i challenge you to come up with five things you like about Joe Hockey.

1. He rehashed my love affair with The Sopranos
Im sure i am not the only one who thinks Joe somewhat resembles Tony Soprano. The guy totally looks like a caricature of a Chicago mob boss, i hope one day he embraces it and starts wearing pin stripe suits and a fedore. We can only hope the Liberal parties end is as anti-climactic as the TV series.

2. He has fixed the budget with minimal effort
Well, maybe that is an exaggeration. But, the budget for 2014 / 2015 was released in May. The carbon tax aside, any major reforms have been blocked (thanks god) by the senate. My only question to our Treasurer is, what exactly have you been doing all year mate? Other than smoking cigar’s?

3. He supports from education
At least he did, when he was at university. In his old angst filled uni days, Joe rallied against paid university degrees. These days, he no longer looks like Jonah Hill and thinks that although he didn’t pay a cent, we all should. All of us, Tony Abbott’s daughters excluded, of course.

4. He isn’t Prime Minister
People may be soon to forget, but we could have been worse off had Hockey won his parties favour against Tony Abbott. Which in fact was a really close run thing. Be thankful we don’t have a Silvio Berlusconi ‘leading’ us.

5. He smokes cigar’s
All things considered, that is kind of badass.


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