A call to ban the bible

Don’t you just love the power of the interwebz?

The call for a Bible ban, shared by Australian user Sharky Sharktech, has been followed by a series of other mock-petitions.

They all satirise a petition posted by a group of female survivors of violence that persuaded Australian retailers to remove GTA 5 from their shelves.

All of this ill informed, politically correct garbage came from a kid who posted a clip on YouTube. Im mean sure, i don’t condone burning a prostitute after paying for her services only to get my money back, that is a little Jewish for my tastes.

But seriously, calling to ban a video game, or any form of media to be honest, is ridiculous. Australia, like most other countries, already have censorship laws in place for this kind of thing. I think the real issue here is a question to the parents of said child. ‘Why are you letting your pre-pubescent child play R rated games?’

I for one have signed the ‘Ban the Bible’ petition out of pure spite. Honestly, there are bigger issues in the world than GTA5.


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