Online Dating – ‘Oh no, i have become one of those people….’

I am proud to say i have been happily unmarried for a few years now. However, i am not so proud to admit, i met my partner in an online chatroom, full of trolls and other strange internet dwellers.

Sadly, i have become one of those people…..

Yes me, i was a chatroom regular on and off for the best part of ten years. It was my guilty pleasure, my escape from my parents, my other, anonymous life. One day, those worlds collided, and i have never been happier.

As some of you may have read in a previous post, i lost a close friend and work colleague of four years to a crocodile attack. Click this link to read the article about it by SMH. Needless to say, it was a horrible, difficult period in my life. Shortly after this event occurred, i also lost my mother suddenly to a super aggressive, still undiagnosed form of cancer.

Anyway, enough on that for now. So, back to the story.

As i said, i had been chatting for a long time. And like me, there were several others that frequented societies online dive to cure their hunger for something other than bad TV and reading. I had ‘known’ my future partner for many many years. For a little under a year at that stage, we had even been talking on the phone for a laugh. Nothing creepy or dirty, we just enjoyed each others words and thoughts. We shared lots of interests, it was all good fun. A sneaky bonus was, she is also quite attractive.. 🙂

I told her one night, so i am off to a friends birthday this weekend, should be fun. Explained where we were going etc.

Then, that happened.

Against my wishes, and also her family and friends wishes, she got on a plane and flew across three states to be with me through the ordeal. What an amazing person. But, what the fuck just happened, my online chat friend has come to my aid in my time of greatest need, although we have never met before. This was crazy.

After several phone calls from her understandably concern father, sister and grandfather (even coping the stereotypical ‘what if you are an axe murderer?’ stuff), she was here…

Well, some time has passed since then. I now joke with her father and grandfather about how to best sharpen an axe.

Yes, under possibly the most extreme circumstances, and the weirdest of chance encounters, i have met the love of my life, and i have never been happier. I have a lovely family, kid, dog and bird! 🙂

Do i suggest online dating? Hell no, but it worked for me, kind of.

What are your thoughts about online dating? I would love to hear your experiences with it. 🙂


  1. I have never done any online “dating” but I do know that is very possible to get to know and care for someone that you have only known through the written word. There is a reason why people come into your life. I Think if you are wanting to learn to know that person because you want to “Find” a love, that it is the wrong way to do it. Anyone can pretend to be anyone, male or female, But if that is not your objective, then you are more likely to learn and understand the person you are chatting with or writing to. I know this because – I write to inmates – 2 in particular. One is the father of one of my grandsons that I did have the fortune to meet one time before his world came crashing down. It is unfortunate what happened to him that put him in prison. Not everyone inside is a “criminal”. After he was inside for a year i started to write to him – eight years ago. Hundreds of letters. It was why I started my blog, because my intent was to write a book about his story and needed a way to categorize the issues. If you want to see what I do you can find it at

    But your question – do you think it possible to find and love someone in a chat room? Yes, I do. This man, Jamie – he is 30 years younger than me. Love comes in many forms and it doesn’t have to be sexual. Our relationship is more that of mother and son. He calls me mom. I know what I feel for him is love, but not a love that would threaten my marriage. It is love for a human being. It is having the ability to communicate through the written word. being able to express yourself through the written word. You were fortunate. You may not have been able to connect with the person who was right for your life if you could only choose from the people who came within your immediate physical space. i wish you happiness!

    One last thought – how I live my life and something I have told many people, because my life has been unconventional, is: “If you don’t like what I’m doing, don’t watch me do it.”

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