Thought’s on the world right now

So i have been thinking alot lately about the current political climate in Australia, and where we stand in a global sense. I have reached a few conclusions i thought i’d share with you all. Be aware, this is purely an opinion, you are all welcome to contribute your own.

Tony Abbott, the guy has become a national joke. It has simply become too easy to criticise this guy, and his dim-witted cabinet. I have been guilty of it myself too. However, and lets face it, there must be a brain in his head or he wouldn’t be where he is today. There are also some pretty scary ideas and policies being thrown around in Australia, and the Pacific region at the moment. Namely, the TPP. I will go into that further soon.

I stopped and thought, ok, the media, the left, the right, the youth, the old, the middle aged, the men, the women and whoever else i forgot to mention, has all but jumped on the ‘Abbott is a dickhead’ band wagon. Although this is more than deserved, i got to thinking. Could this be a carefully thought out tactic to draw attention away from the real issues at hand? Could Abbott be a media scapegoat, misdirecting public attention in hopes that we would forget about our freedoms quietly being aroded in the background? Is there a more sinister picture being painted here?

I think the Snowden saga is another good working example of this. Sure, i totally commend the guy for speaking out. However, his message has been somewhat bastardised by mass media and political lobbyists. We now see people up in Snowden’s defence, and rightly so. But if you stop for a second and come back to the initial issues he raised regarding our civil liberties and right to privacy, it remains unresolved. People have almost lost sight of the fact. Everyone now knows what is occuring, and it is STILL occuring. Did Snowden ‘leak’ information to simply get it out into the public forum for a future society to accept the grim truth that they are being watched? Is there, or will there be, an acceptance of this truth? Probably. And it wouldn’t be the first time.

Abbott and his lackey’s are silently signing away Australia’s freedoms in the form of the TPP. A large scale free trade agreement written by bankers and multi-national corporates. Why has so little of the TPP been spoken about with the wider audience? Data retention laws, extended powers to ASIO, additional powers to Scott Morrison are only the beginning.

The next time you have a quiet laugh at Abbott’s expense, remember, there is a serious side to it.



    1. Thanks! Just like an onion, and i intend to continue to peel them away until i reach the core. 🙂

      On onions, if you value your internet privacy, i suggest a Google search for ‘The Onion Router’…. just an FYI.


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