Martin Place – Country held to ransom, no one bats an eye

For those that didn’t know there were two major incidents in Australia yesterday. One involving a crazed gunman in a chocolate shop. The other, a fat, Tony Soprano looking fucker holding the country to ransom.

That is right, i must say i think it is very poor taste, given the state of affairs yesterday for Joe Hockey to move ahead with the December budget update. Poor taste, but perhaps clever politics. While the rest of the country watched and listened in to the drama unfolding on Martin Place, the government announced possibly the worst news it has announced since its inception. We are in very bad shape.

Albeit, not entirely the governments fault, with commodities prices falling to unforeseen lows. Namely coal and wheat. But, indeed, we (the 98%) will be ‘asked’ once again to do the ‘heavy lifting’.

That aside, it was a pretty horrid day in Australia. The grim reality of the Martin Place incident has left a bitter taste in many people’s mouths. I have already been forced to cull ten or so people from my Facebook friends list due to racial slander and bigotry the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Cronulla Riots. Disgusting, lets set something straight here, that crazy guy in the chocolate shop does NOT speak for the Islamic/Muslim citizens of Australia, or of any other country. He speaks for no one but himself, and perhaps a few others crazy’s around the world.

To be honest, the kind of hate i have seen in my news feed is exactly what this asshole was trying to achieve. Congratulations morons, racial, religious and political segregation was the goal, and you all just jumped on board. With that said, i commend all the people posting on social media with the hashtag #iwillridewithyou, that is what human decency is all about, and it is great to see that the majority of people understand what is going on here.

Anyway, back to other important news.

Hockey has blamed the senate for blocking policy (bad policy) for passing into law. Thank you senate, please continue to do so. Free health and the right for anyone to seek an education is what makes this country great. Don’t let these ‘cunts’ (sorry about the language) take that away.

Also, and this may just be my opinion. I give it a week, maybe two, and i bet Brandis and Abbott will be up in arms once again. Using the Martin Place incident as a catalyst to turn Australia into some kind of Orwellian Dictatorship. “If we had data retention laws etc, this would not have happened”. Well lets face it, i predict that on that note, Labor and the PUP will bend over and take it from there on in. Sentor Scott Ludlam, please help us!

Lets get some facts straight about yesterday too, while we are at it.

1. On the Martin Place Crazy
– The hostage-taker was charged as an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife – who was allegedly stabbed and set on fire on a flight of stairs in her western Sydney apartment block in November 2013. The man’s current partner was charged with murder but they both received bail as the case was deemed too weak.
– He was arrested in April this year for the sexual assault of a 27-year-old woman in 2002 after luring her to his clinic following claims he was as an expert in astrology, meditation and black magic.
– Monis was slapped with an additional 40 charges in October after more victims came forward alleging incidents took place in his spiritual healing clinic in Station Street in Wentworthville, western Sydney.

Now, you may be starting to ask yourself, ‘the fuck is this guy freely roaming the streets for in the first place?’. Indeed, what the fuck. Now, lets be clear here, this was NOT because the police and/or ASIO need more power, and need to troll our browsing history. THEY LET HIM WALK.

2. On Joe Hockey
– Hockey, forget about a budget surplus, and start focusing on making the country a better place.
– Last week, the Westpac-MI consumer sentiment index fell 5.7 per cent to 91.1 points for December which Westpac chief economist Bill Evans dubbed “a very disturbing result”. In other words, whatever you are doing, STOP IT NOW!
– Treasury now expects the unemployment rate to rise to 6.5 per cent in 2014/15 and 2015/16, which is up by 0.25 percentage points from their last prediction six months ago.

Joe, forget about this stupid surplus dream. Inject some money into the economy with a big public infrastructure project to boost jobs and raise consumer confidence and business confidence.



  1. A number of those Libs currently in power are backed to the hilt byt he IPA; a conservative think tank that informs conservative policy direction. The IPA are seriously pushing for more ‘open’ global trade agreements that benefit the rich corporations of the world. They want a crackdown on social benefits and the structure of our safety net socialist system in favour of a US styled meritocracy, where the privileged and wealthy get the perks, and the rest of us make do with poorly funded educational institutions and sub bachelor degrees that are little more than concessions to the herd. We need the Senate to filter out some of these disgraceful policies in order to bring about some balance. The other issue is that Labor are currently a visionless bunch of policy bandits who are largely empty headed.

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    1. By open global trade, specifically in Australian terms, i assume you are referring to the TPP? Totally agree on the crackdown for social benefits, why else would they appoint Scott Morrison to the task, the man has no morals and no regard for quality of life. Labor are gutless at the federal level. At least the senate has a few good people. Thanks for the thoughts here Steve, and nice to meet you. I will go over and check your space at some point today.

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        1. mate, if common sense prevailed, then there would be no need to a monetary system at all.
          I think the issue today is understanding of the balance of power. It SHOULD be the the electorate governing the elected. Sadly, it is the other way around.

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          1. Agree once more. The balance of power is unbalanced, as it were. We actually have a lot more power than we think to make change, but we have to work together to do so. In all areas, power will seek to divide people, consciously or not, so that they are less able to wield power themselves. That’s how power works in any area of life, from the bedroom to the cabinet room. All the same. same tools. Same outcome.

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            1. Indeed Steve. Divide and conquer is the name of the game. At times i do feel a little helpless to be honest. However, i think it is my, and anyone else who knows the truths social responsibility to at least attempt to educate the rest. Once again, thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Great to come across like minded people.


    1. Lol thanks Jade. I posted this the day after. I now refer to my comment about it being used as a catalyst for data retention, check the news about George Brandis. All I can say is it told you so. Also I should mention it am not here pointing blame, but I think it is safe and sad to say that this tragedy, and others like it are used for political gain. Disgusting.

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        1. Ah yes, the old mainstream media, thanks Rupert. If you are interested in indie media with a bit of a satirical twist i recommend The Juice Media’s ‘Rap News’ series on YouTube. Couple of guys out of Melbourne, really funny stuff, and quite well researched. 🙂


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