Awesome Christmas Lights – Four House Personality Types you all know

So last night we decided to do the whole Christmas Light tour thing around the town. I must say, some of the houses were very impressive.

I am personally not big on Christmas, but it is great to see the little guy get into it all awe struck at the site of lights, the sounds of carols and the general cheery (albeit once a year for most people) thing.

I have added a few photos below of my favourites.

1. The over the top old people
Everyone knows these people. The grandparents that just get way to into it. They have been collecting Christmas paraphernalia for the last 50 years and now have a display that rivals some major department stores. These guys even have a guest book, themed windows with different songs in each and a water display. Pretty amazing really.

Old House


10868129_10154924706145258_6232138582993783477_n 10857801_10154924706595258_1223106739991929585_n

2. The look at us people
Although the 20ft inflatable Santa is pretty cool, come on guys. We get it, you are well to do.


3. The lets do the entire street people
Oh yes, those streets. The little micro-community that ensure every house on the street has a light display. Pretty cool, but i didn’t enjoy Pleasentville THAT much.


4. If you can’t beat them, join them
Now this one may not rate too well with the little guy. However, this is my personal favourite. Realising that they have lives outside of the holiday period, and simply can’t compete with the neighbours, they have taken a minimalist, humorous approach. I think it is awesome.


I am happy to add more to this if you have your own. Please visit the contact page and send them to me with a link to your blog and i will post them. 🙂

Merry Christmas and stuff.


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