Talking Toddlers

We often get asked questions like, ‘when did he start talking?’, ‘when did he start having conversations?’ etc. Truth is, he has been having conversations with us since he was one and half.

Some people are astonished at his pronunciation, and his already developed understanding of English. No, i don’t think my kid is a genius. Although, i don’t think he is a dummy either.

The reason he has developed rather quickly in this way is because we actually engage with him. I don’t just mean a ‘yeh ok, whatever’ kind of thing either. I find a lot of parents that seem to think children are best seen, but not heard. We did attend a play group a year or so ago, and my wife has been to a mother’s group in the past too. We found most, if not all the parents, would rather be drinking their coffee’s and talking about some boring adult G rated bullshit.

Sure, i also love my coffee, and my adult conversation. But i have been having those for years, and will have many more to come.

At these groups, and in general, i often see this situation. The kids are off doing kid things, and when they approach the ‘adult table’, they are met with one word answers, or a frustrated parent getting out of their seat to get a drink or something to eat for the child.

I am no saint, i am also guilty of this at times.

However, we have taught our little boy to come over to us, if someone is talking, he places his hand on the shoulder or arm of the person he wishes to address, and waits for the speaking to stop.

He will then announce his intent. He is met will full eye contact, and total focus, like any other human would expect when they are speaking to someone.

He is also met with a meaningful conversation in return. If he does not understand something, it is explained.

The adults can wait. Adults are used to waiting. 🙂

My point is, you get out what you put in to your kid. We devote time both together, and one on one with him to play, actually play. Engage with him, draw, paint, read, or just, talk.

It is hard at times, and i would rather be doing something else sometimes too. But, you indeed see the results for your efforts in time.

Right now, our little guy is 3 and half. He has just been signed up for pre-school this year. We took him in the other day. The teachers went over what would be learnt. Numbers, alphabet, colours etc. To which he already knows well. He has even began writing.

I am proud to say he can write his name, my name, mum, and dad.

He can also write a few other beauty’s:


Hehe…. got to have a little fun right?

I may be winging it through fatherhood most, if not all the time. But i do know, treat your toddler like any other human. Not just a 2ft tall nuisance, even though, he or she might be exactly that. 🙂



  1. This is beautiful!
    You seem to have an epic outlook for someone who says they are winging it 😀
    Though I ‘wonder’ if wining it is not the best way forward? With a lot of things – but really with parenting SO much. I NEVER do this but it seems SO app for this wonderful write of yours – I once wrote something and it goes like this (sing along with me lol!)

    ‘Children come to teach us, what they need to know …
    If we open ourselves
    To the lessons they bring –
    We may qualify, to show them
    Who they already are.’

    And on that note – HAPPY parenting 🙂

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  2. Absolutely right that you need to engage your kids – they learn best that way. But it is very challenging when they are verbally precocious. They are mimics with no filters – but a lot of fun as long as you keep your sense of humor. Enjoy!

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    1. Ah yes, the mimicking…. We have two parrots at our place, one is a human toddler, the other is a greek cheek conure. I am having flashbacks to a dinner out one time, ‘dad has a doodle, and mum has a ‘gina’, because she is a girl’…. yes dude, thats right… lol (about 12 people at dinner too) 🙂

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  3. My oldest nephew used have “conversations” with me when he was about 4 months old. We would lay him on the floor and he would just start to babble. It was nonsense to me, but he knew exactly what he was trying to say. Kids are a great way to remember that we’re a very fragile species. Enjoy him while you can. they grow up ever so quickly.

    Case in point — My oldest nephew is 20 now.


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