Have I hit the Blogging Wall?

May be the codeine, might just be the time of the year. Could be my general shitty mood as of late. Could be the fact that i subconsciously feel a little apprehensive. For some unknown reason my Samoyed post went somewhat viral. Too many people……

For the first time since the blogs inception, i have hit a writing wall. I have more than a few topics i want to cover right now, but i can’t bring myself to write about them.

I am new to blogging. But, i have learnt that trolling online for help likely wont get me any answers. So i am asking you guys.

Have you got to a point with your blog where you just can’t write? Writer’s block, or something to the effect?

Do you have a process to get back into tune?

Please share your thoughts and experiences, i would appreciate the help. Perhaps others in a similar slump will also benefit. 🙂



  1. being still new, I do understand the problem with hitting a wall. Mine occurred because a few too many people told me I was insightful, which made me feel obligated to be insightful all of the time & frankly, I’m not. So I got past that by reminding myself that, even though I was holding myself to a specific minimum posting frequency, the blog is mine, the thoughts are mine, and I can be as insightful as a what, or not. I can also change my posting schedule if I want, but I kind of appreciate having a schedule to follow. Ultimately that forces me to write even when I don’t particularly feel like it.
    Bottom line: don’t pressure yourself, but don’t give up, either.

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  2. It really sounds like you’re treat blogging as a responsibility or obligation from you choice of words. I’d take a short hiatus while you relax. Inspiration will strike when you are not forcing it.

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