Weed could be Legal in NSW soon

It probably comes as no surprise, but i have smoked my fair share of pot in my time. As a teenager, and up until i was around 24, i smoked daily. I was not a lazy, sleepy stoner, i went about my life as any other person would. I was just slightly high all the time.

It probably comes as no surprise, that i support legalisation of marijuana in Australia. In leaflight of recent changes in state politics in NSW, the new Labor Leader, Luke Foley, is a big supporter for legalisation for medical purposes. About fucking time. NSW could become the first state in Australia for legalised weed. Given, it is decriminalised in the ACT, but this is a big step. I for one, am a little excited.

I know what you may be thinking, ‘of course the stoner supports legalisation’…. Well, i dont smoke anymore, i havent smoked in 5 years. Not totally true, if a joint was being passed around, and came my way, i would still have a toke. Anyway, i would just like to say i totally support it, and i have what i consider a legitimate reason to do so.

A few years ago my mother lost a short battle with cancer. She had an extremely rare, extremely aggressive form of cancer, in which she was never fully diagnosed with a particular ‘type’. To give you an indication of just how aggressive this fucker was, here is a brief explanation.

When my friend died, my mother decided to take leave and fly up to my house to be with me. She was working fulltime in a mining industry. She spent the next 2 weeks at my house, a few times she spoke about her current health. Then one morning, i got up and she told me she was going to check herself into hospital, just to make sure she was ok. The next day, an oncologist tells me she has cancer, but it should be ok, early enough to deal with it. A few little dots on her kidney is all they could see, bit of kemo and she would be good again.

Not the worst news ever, but ok. So i decided that she would stay with me during this time. About a week later, she goes back in. This time, something had changed. They call me and say they are now doing a biopsy on her lung. Shit, the fuck?

In that one week, the cancer has spread from being a dot no bigger than my fingernail, to full-blown, aggressive, malignant cancer. They do their tests, and she comes back home with some endone and other meds.

I was back at work at this stage. I went one morning after checking on her before i left. I got home for lunch to find her on the ground in a pool of dried blood, big cut on her head. Ambulance takes us to hospital.

Cancer moved to her brain and bones. Curative medicine had failed her. I called my brother, and he came up to spend the last few weeks with her, we cared for her full-time from home until we were unable to do so.

She died in hospice on 30/10/2013 at 55 years of age.

It took only 5 or so weeks to take her.

I support legalisation because she got to a point where her pain medication was being rejected by her body. Her liver and kidneys were in such a state that they could no longer handle opiate based pain medication. One of the oncologists asked me at that point if i smoked, and said if she could prescribe it, she would.

I know the subject of legalisation is a little tabu, but i would like to know your thoughts on the topic too, please share below. 🙂


    1. Agreed, if you check the article i linked to, in NSW, the support and push is for allowing prescription to occur only for terminally ill patients. I think this is a great starting point, if it does eventually go ahead, i would like to see it eventually extended to other illnesses like glaucoma. I have a friend with it and he smokes to relieve the pressure behind his eyes, better than anything ‘legal’ he says.


  1. I’ve never smoked but I support legalisation 100%. It really is a no brainer to me, if something can be of help ( e.g. ur mom’s case) then why the H@#$ isn’t it legal??? Cigarets and alcohol do no one any good and they are legal….

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  2. Very sorry to hear about what your mom went through.
    It’s been many years since I last partook, but I also support legalization. A few places have legalized medical marijuana in the US, and I’m not aware of any issue (other than federal disapproval). Colorado fully legalized it last year & that has worked surprisingly well. But they are still working on fine-tuning things like driving restrictions

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    1. Thanks Carol, i will admit, i have been following the news in the States pretty intently, waiting for Australia to follow suit, which we always seem to do. In other places around the world, Spain and Portugal legalised it a few years back, seems to have been a great success.

      In Australian terms, full legalisation would be good for everyone i think. There are small towns with no industry (i grew up in one) that would benefit from the tourism, and likely the legalisation of most of those populations’ current industry…. horticulture. Wink Wink 🙂

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