Am I a Murderer?

Odd thing to have to ask yourself isn’t it? Am i a murderer?

It’s a question i have asked myself many times over. It’s a question that nearly drove me to madness. It’s a question that i still can’t answer.

Once again, the ever inspirational blog, A Momma’s View, has prompted me to rant.

I left a my home, my state, my friends, my now so-called friends, my job, my life. Why? For many reasons. But there is one that gets to me.

Am i a murderer?

To be honest, some people look / looked at me like i am / was. It is a strange look, a hollow look. Like the blood has left all the layers of skin on their face, like they are a shell. The eye’s seem to be void of colour to me. They can talk, but i read between the lines.

“You asshole, you killed him.”

Perhaps it is just the guilt.

A man i considered my best friend for a time, my mentor. A man 30 years my senior, will now no longer talk to me. He thinks i am a murderer.

For those unsure as to where this all came about, here is an old post about it.

Honestly, it is starting to get to me again. The dreams are making a return. Which does not bother me that much, but bothers my partner. She does not know what to do sometimes when i am thrashing, sweating, screaming in a sleep so deep she can’t wake me from it. My bigger fear there is my little boy seeing that.

No doubt one day, i will have to explain it to him. I dread that day, what i will say plagues my mind.

I am ok though. Am i a murderer? Well, no, i’m not.

Am i responsible for his death? Well, no, but at least in part i am. It was my idea.

He was a better man than me. Sometimes i wish it was me. Honestly, i had a childhood of surfing, and being a stronger swimmer than him was all that mattered in the end.

It is such a hard thing to describe, the look. For your sake, i hope you never have to experience it.



  1. I think writing about your thoughts can do nothing but heal you. I, personally, do not believe you to be a murderer. However, I can see how you would feel so terrible. Keep trying to sort through these feelings, even if it takes a lot of time, all you can do is try.

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  2. Wanna hug? PTSD is difficult to get to grips with, and some feelings never go away. But are you a murderer? No. You both choose to swim. He went in knowing the risks. It was chance how it turned out. The guilt you are feeling is the result of a sense of responsibility – fact is you didn’t have nearly as much control over the situation as you believe you did. And, well, could cross the road tomorrow and still be hit by a car even if you have looked both ways. Life’s a bitch sometimes. Mortality and the overwhelming sense of powerlessness hit us all at some point. For you it involved a croc; for me it involved a brain tumour.

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  3. I don’t want to hit the ‘like’ button on this post because of the subject matter. You know I’ve read and commented on your previous post, so you know what I think. I also think you might be experiencing some PTSD (Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder). Have you ever considered that?

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  4. In my eyes, after reading you previous post, you are not. He chose to swim, we all make terrible decisions at times, but some are not so lucky to escape consequences. It’s a really sad story, of course..

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