For the Australian’s, you all know there has been a Smörgåsbord of Abbottism’s to choose from this week. In light of that, I think it is just too predictable for episode 2 to use the Knightmare, or Credlin.

That is just too easy, and no fun. Google will find you that.

So I went into Tony’s best-of album. Malcolm Turnbull may just be the pawn that leads the libs into the next federal election. So we ask, what does Tony think about Mr Turnbull?

“We have a strong and credible broadband policy because the man who has devised it, the man who will implement it virtually invented the internet in this country.”

What an honour it would be to have the man who invented the interwebz as PM….. What a fucking moron.

All things considered, Turnbull does dominate the political centre in Australia, and could get votes from swingers. I brought this up because you shouldn’t be fooled, look what he has done (or has not done) with the NBN. I for one am fed up with my ADSL1 connection.

Next week, who knows, stay tuned.



    1. Tell me about it. In what 1st world economy am I only able to use a choice of 1 ISP, and have a combined speed (upload and download) of less than 1mbs… Seriously, just give me a cup and string and be done with it.

      You are right though, this series almost needs its own blog…lol

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          1. Just create a page on your blog about it. Check out my page Couples if you like. Then write a post about it, to announce it and let people know what you want them to do. Maybe define some rules, as you don’t want to get in trouble. With Couples I ask peopleto email me their story. Like that I can read it first and maybe change something if it is really off. And then I put it in a post with link back to the blogger, who sent it to me. But of course you can also do it kind of like a Blog Event (check out my Nature Chills Challenge #2). In this case people link their post to my page and then you can either reblog it or mention it in your post.

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