Hey guys, What is Fisting? – Cards Against Humanity with a Pre-Teen

We must be getting old, something I tell myself more and more in recent times. Last year, we went out for a few drinks, only to return home with some friends about half an hour later to play Monopoly instead.

I used to enjoy going out, when I was in my early twenties’ I was out most weekends, now I look around and think, damn, I am ten years older than the median age here…. Time to go.

On that note, my partner and I decided to start a monthly games night at our place. We both love our board games, card games and that sort of thing, and a few of our friends also do. What we all have in common is not having fun standing around a bunch of drunk teens at the pub. Times have changed.

A few weeks ago we had one such night. However, we also had my sister-in-laws son over for the night. He started high school this year, I for one think he is far too innocent to be in high school. Time for an education…

So the sister-in-law drops him off that afternoon, and we mention we are having some people over to play a ‘card game’. Said game is commonly known as ‘Cards Against Humanity‘. For those of you that know it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. For those that don’t, at this point in this post you need to answer the following questions:

1. Are you easily offended / do you take offence to bad, bad, humour? If so, please stop reading. Now.
2. Are you religious? If so, please stop reading. Now.

Well, we did the responsible thing and told her that we would be playing this game. My partner said something along the lines of, ‘we will put a movie on for the kids, he shouldn’t be playing this’….

Hah… I answer, ‘Nah, he will be fine’. On that note, sister-in-law gives the go ahead to let him play.

What a fucking night this was.

Our friends come around and we order pizza for dinner. Then, the game comes out. The pre-teen, currently in that point of life where he is torn between being a kid, and joining the adults, comes running over to sit next to me. Curious as to what this game was, and how to play it. We explain that the idea is to make the most offensive and / or rude statement you can from the cards you are given.

He opts to sit a few hands out. A few hands later, I am pretty sure he thought we were all speaking a different language. I finally get him confident to play, get him his hand of cards, and off we went.

In the next few hours, I couldn’t stop laughing. For a few reasons. Below are some of the questions to come from his mouth, all in a period of about ten minutes:

1. What is fisting?
2. What is incest?
3. What is double penetration?

At this point, please do not forward this post on to child protective services. Come on, he is in high school, if he does not know what fisting is, he will soon, and will know a cards2lot worse than that. Can’t tell you how funny and awkward having to answer some of these questions was. Great times.

There is also another good reason to play Cards Against Humanity with a pre-teen. They manage to pick awesome cards, and read them out without actually understanding what they mean, or how funny they are.

Well yes, I may be going to hell now. I figure, if I am, I may as well stake a claim for the presidential suite. If you like a good laugh, and can take a joke, I recommend getting this game. It should also be reiterated, the goal is to offend, what comes out is not an accurate representation of anyone’s way of thinking. No burning crosses etc at our place.



  1. My daughters are nearly 7 years apart & I know that my older daughter & her friends are often more horrified that me when my 15 year old ends up winning – and they all play sober. Me, I’m too old I think & I expect the game would seem a lot more fun drunk.

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  2. Funnily enough, saw this yesterday and considered it for our monthly games night. May well get it now! We play a lot of different games. Recent faves include Caylus, Bananagrams and Dominion. Warning: Caylus is a real brain burner, but a fabulous heavy euro game. Bananagrams is just plain fun!!!

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    1. lol, it is well worth it mate, more for the comedy value rather than the gameplay though. 🙂

      Haven’t actually heard of any of those games, Googling Caylus right now, looks really good.

      I bought the Game of Thrones game a few years back. If you are into games like Risk and are a fan of the series/books it is well worth a look. 🙂

      Great game over a few beers, with all the back stabbing and disloyalty of the series it can get pretty heated lol.

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      1. Hey mate. Yes, we’ve played GOT a few times, though with 4 players, the backstabbing isn’t much of a feature. Have played Risk many many times over the years. If you like Risk, I would highly recommend one called Risk Legacy. More advanced version where you actually get to permanently alter the way the game plays and the gameboard over time, depending on what your group does during games. Very cool version. Caylus is excellent but a heavy game, though GOT isn’t basic either to be fair. Look up Agricola as well. It all depends on your game group though. Games like Ticket to Ride are friendlier for casual groups.

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        1. Thanks for the tip, I do enjoy a good game of Risk, will be checking it out for sure.

          Will also have a look at the others you have mentioned. We have a mix of people who like to play, and people who are a little more casual. As I am sure you know, it is hard to get a solid group of people that want to play.

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          1. I know that problem! Our group isn’t large so not as much of an issue. Gateway type games to check out: Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Takenoko, Tikal, Ticket to Ride. Heavy Euro games that are brain burners: Caylus, Agricola, Caverna, Puerto Rico. Fun casual games with high replay value: Bananagrams, Munchkin, Machi Koro. Fun but more complex games with high replay value: 7 Wonders, Dominion. These are all well worth a look and I’m sure a number will appeal to your own group.

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