Why did i start a blog?

There comes a point, for myself many points, in life where you think to yourself ‘i want to create something, do something different etc etc’. Well, at least for me, after 25 or so years of procrastination, i find myself signing up to WordPress and writing my first blog post.

How did i get here

The simple answer would be Google search and a feeling of contempt at work. The long answer would be because i feel like i might have something of value to share. Although i do not consider myself to be old by any means, i have managed to fit alot of life into my short time here. No silver spoon and a Wonka Golden Ticket for me, i come from a poor single parent family in Australia. As much as i’d like to gloat and say everything i have i have because of myself, but that would by lying. I am here, now, because i where i have been, and perhaps where i am yet to go.

So, i started a blog, why not. I know nothing about it, what do i have to loose, no expectations, no disappointments.. right? I’d be lying if i could say with any confidence what may come of this blog, or what it may contain. This will be a suck it and see approach, so expect nothing, this will perhaps be the Blog about nothing.

Well, thats it for now.




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